I am writing to thank you for the wonderful care and services provided to our beloved Mags. We could never have imagined that what started on a cold, scary December morning in 2017 would turn out to be a relationship offering Mags health and mobility and most Importantly, more time with us.

We nearly lost Mags that December morning due to a reaction to pain medications. One phone call and a few minutes later you were assessing the situation and developing a treatment plan. We’re confident that had you not been available we would have lost Mags that day. Instead, twenty – four hours later he was up an d back to normal and we were able to have nearly two more years with him.

From that day on, you were available by phone or text, anytime I had a question or concern about Mags’ health. You were always available to make a house call to check on him whenever the need was urgent . For minor issues you offered advice or suggested treatment options we could do at home. It meant so much when on occasion you would call to ask how he was doing if we hadn’t spoken for a while.

We saw a review from a former client claim ing your services were too expensive or that you offered service’s they didn’t believe were necessary. We never found that to be true. Ours was a relationship built on partnership and collaboration. It is your professional responsibility to suggest treatment options. It is our responsibility to work with you t o discuss treatment goals and to decide what i s best for our situation and resources. We are certain you offer the same professionalism and compassion to all your clients.

The love and compassion you expressed to Mags and to us on his last day is greatly appreciated. Because of the relationship formed over the past two years, we couldn’t imagine having anyone else assist us in saying goodbye. Again, one phone call and you were here. We appreciate you taking the time to explain the steps that would be taken and what to expect. Your knowledge and expertise put our minds at ease during a very difficult and sad time. You shared our grief and offered tears and hugs in support.

Your thoughtfulness did n’t stop there. A few days later we received a letter from the K – State Pet Tribute informing us that you had made a generous monetary contribution in memory of Mags. Your contribution will place Mags’ name in a memorial book in the Veterinary Medical Library where it will remain forever. This act of kindness is appreciated more than you know and is yet another example of the great care and compassion you offer to your clients and their pets.

You are a dedicated and compassionate veterinarian and always treated Mags as if he were your own. There was never any doubt, you always had his best interest at heart. We are thankful for making that first call nearly two years ago. It will take our hearts time to heal and it may be awhile before we have another dog. For now, you’ll be caring for our cat and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

We appreciate you and all the care and services you provided for Mags.”

Thank you so very much,

Susan and Joel Maxon