Veterinary House Call Services From our Veterinarian in Topeka, KS

At Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls, our Topeka, KS veterinarian specializes in offering the health and wellness services your pet needs with the convenience of coming right to your home. We offer a wide range of house call services, including comprehensive wellness exams, vaccinations, flea and tick services, and more.

When was the last time your pet had a comprehensive health and wellness exam? If it’s been more than a year, we highly recommend scheduling a mobile pet exam with our veterinary team at your earliest convenience.

Benefits of Mobile Vet Exams for Your Pet

Annual vet exams are an important part of staying on top of your pet’s health and wellness. Specifically, these exams allow us to make note of any potentially problematic changes in your pet’s health that could indicate the need for further diagnostic testing. Often times, regular exams allow us to diagnose diseases and illnesses early on, which increases the chances for successful treatment. If nothing else, a clean bill of health from an annual vet exam gives you added peace of mind as a pet owner.

Furthermore, scheduling a mobile vet exam for your pet helps you to avoid the hassle and stress that can come along with bringing your pet into a veterinary clinic. Many pets experience high levels of stress and anxiety on the car ride into the vet, in the vet’s office, or both. By allowing us to come to you, your pet can receive the quality veterinary care services he or she needs without that added stress or burden.

What to Expect During a Mobile Pet Exam

When you schedule a mobile pet exam with us, we will arrive during your appointment window. Prior to this time, we recommend securing your pet either in a carrier or inside a room where he or she will be comfortable. From there, we can perform the exam as normal by checking your pet’s weight, temperature, and vital signs (such as heart beat and breathing). We will also take the time to assess the health of your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and coat, making any recommendations for further testing or treatment at the conclusion of your appointment.

Depending on the findings of your pet’s exam, we may recommend additional treatment, such as pet dental cleaning or heartworm testing, as needed. We can also take care of updating any vaccinations at this time.

Schedule an Appointment for Mobile Veterinary Services in Topeka, KS

If your pet is in need of a wellness exam and you don’t want to put your pet under the added stress of traveling to the vet, let our Topeka, KS mobile veterinarian come to you. Schedule a veterinary house call appointment with Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls¬†by calling¬†(785) 273-6572.

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