Pet Dental Care With Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls In Topeka KS

Caring for a dog or cat’s teeth is every bit as important as tending to the rest of their body. Contacting Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka KS to have Dr. Schmar visit your home is an option available to ensure your pet’s oral care needs are being met. Dr. Schmar will take the necessary steps to treat your pet for any dental issues and will assist with the upkeep of your dog or cat’s teeth as needed. Here is some additional information about dental care to keep in mind.

Why Is Pet Dental Health Important

Caring for your dog or cat’s teeth is necessary to help keep the rest of their body in optimal health. If a problem arises with a tooth or the gums, the possibility of an infection increases. If a pet suffers from oral care problems, they may also have difficulty with their dietary intake. Pain and discomfort are likely to be present as well, which could cause anxiety or depression in a pet.

Possible Issues To Be Addressed At A Dental Exam

When Dr. Schmar arrives to check over your pet, let them know if your animal has been acting as if they are in pain from an oral condition. Let the practitioner know if there are any visible cuts, sores, or bumps in the mouth as well. Dr. Schmar will conduct a full exam of the pet’s teeth and gums, as well as the rest of the body for any tell-tale symptoms it is dealing with as a result of oral problems.

Common Pet Dental Problems

If a dog or cat has a dental problem, it is likely they also have bad breath. This is usually one of the first symptoms of a problem that a pet owner will notice. In addition to this, a pet with a dental problem will exhibit signs of difficulty eating. This could be paired with drooling, dropping food from the mouth, or chewing in an abnormal manner. Another symptom often noticed is swelling or bleeding in the mouth area.

How A Veterinarian Can Help

An examination by our veterinarian is the best way to get help for your dog or cat if you suspect they have dental problems. Dr. Schmar will clean the teeth, look for teeth that require repair or pulling and will make recommendations regarding dietary changes to keep the teeth in optimal health.

Contact Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka, KS Today

Contact Dr. Tom Schmar at Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka KS at the first sign of a dental problem. Dr. Schmar will come directly to your address to do an evaluation of your cat or dog’s health in the comfort of your home. Reach us at (785) 273-6572.