Knowing when to let go of a beloved pet is a painful decision. It’s also one of the greatest acts of love you can show to a pet that is in a lot of pain. If you have questions about euthanasia, Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka can help.

What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the process of administering medication intravenously to help your pet pass peacefully. The medication shuts down the heart and brain functions within a few minutes. Most vets use phenobarbital in high doses, while others may use a solution that contains phenytoin. This solution is only available to licensed veterinarians and euthanasia may only be performed by a qualified vet. Some vets may use an intravenous catheter to lessen the chances of complications and to ensure the process is quick and painless for your pet.

What to Expect

After you’ve contacted your veterinarian to schedule an appointment for euthanasia, they can come to your home so your pet can pass in familiar surroundings. While many pet owners feel they can’t be there when the process occurs, it’s best to stay with your pet to help comfort them through the process.

The veterinarian will administer the euthanasia solution into the vein, usually in the foreleg. Many pet owners choose to hold their pet. Your veterinarian will try to accommodate your requests. After administering the drug, your pet will take slightly deeper breaths and grow weak. They will finally lapse into what looks like a deep sleep. Even though your pet is completely unconscious, they will take a few more deep breaths before all movement ceases.

After your pet passes, your veterinarian will likely give you a few minutes alone with your pet. You can choose to have your pet cremated or you may choose to bury your pet on your own. Just remember this was your friend, your pet. You can choose how you want to handle your pet’s passing.

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Euthanasia is a final act of love for a lifetime of care for your pet. While it is certainly a tough decision, it can be the best one in order to alleviate your pet of pain from terminal illness. In the end, you are ensuring your pet is treated with dignity and compassion in their final moments. If you live in the Topeka area and have questions about euthanasia, contact Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls at (785) 273-6572“>(785) 273-6572 for more information.