Managing Pet Arthritis in Topeka

Like humans, pets can develop arthritis. It is common in middle-aged and older pets. Because arthritis in pets can be very painful, you should be able to recognize the signs that your pet is suffering from arthritis. The sooner you suspect that your pet is suffering from this condition, the sooner you can get him treatment.


If your pet didn’t sustain an injury and he is limping, arthritis could be the cause of his pain. When an animal has arthritis in his joints, he will favor one leg over the other. In most cases, the limping will be more pronounced when he first gets up after resting. After he moves around for a while, the limping should subside.

Difficulty Getting Around

If your pet is suffering from arthritis, he might have trouble getting around. Going up or down stairs can be difficult for a pet with arthritis. If your pet could once jump up on the bed or the couch and he no longer tries, he could be suffering from arthritis. If your cat has arthritis, you may notice that he is no longer jumping on countertops and tables the way that he once did. The pain in his joints will prevent him from getting around the way he once did.

Spinal Issues

Arthritis can cause spinal issues in your pet. These changes can affect your pet’s posture, causing a hunch in his back. It can also cause his neck to be sore. Since spinal issues could be due to a more serious condition, you should contact your vet immediately if you notice these symptoms.


The pain associated with arthritis can cause your pet to become irritable. He might snap or bite when approached or when you pick him up. If you touch him in the affected area, it will increase his pain, causing him to lash out. The sooner your pet starts treatment for his condition, the sooner he will back to his old self.

Muscle Atrophy

When your pet favors the leg that doesn’t have an arthritic joint, the muscles in the other leg will atrophy over time. An arthritic limb will become skinnier than the others.

Licking or Biting the Affected Joint

Pets will often lick or bite the arthritic joint to try and relieve the pain. In time, he can experience hair loss and redness in the area. If the problem goes untreated, he can develop an infection in the area where he is biting.

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