Proper Home Treatment For Your Pet

If you’ve had your pet for any length of time, you have probably already encountered the struggle to get the pet into a carrier to visit the vet’s office. For pets that really put up a fight when the carrier comes out, mobile vet services offer a wonderful treatment alternative. However, you have to be sure that the standard of care given to your pet is the highest possible. Dr. Thomas Schmar, DVM, runs Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka and offers high-quality pet care in the convenience of your home.

Home Care Requires High Standards

The fact that your pet is receiving care at home does not mean the care is less efficient or hygienic. If your cat or dog needs very minor surgery, for example, this can be done in a mobile setting, but the setting must be clean and sterile — a home environment alone is not enough to prevent infection. Any surgery that’s more involved has to be done in a clinical setting, so the veterinarian needs to know when a transition must be made from home-based treatment to a veterinary hospital. Records have to be thorough, and any mobile vet has to be aware of problems like medication interactions and hidden health conditions.

Home treatment allows the pet to be in more comforting surroundings (and eliminates the nervous car ride that many pets dislike). It also eliminates the need to move a pet who might be in pain. With computerized records that can be sent to and retrieved from the vet’s office database, most treatment can proceed at home just as it would in the office.

High-Quality Home Treatment Is Available

Our veterinarian, Dr. Thomas Schmar, DVM, and our staff at Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka know that home care needs to be carried out carefully. Contact us at (785) 273-6572 to discuss your pet’s needs and set up an appointment.

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