Ever My Pet. A Poem by Susie K Parkhurst

Ever My Pet

In the face of such loss, what do we do
How can we truly memorialize you
How do we find something that shows what you meant
How do we show what we felt when you went

When faced with deep grief, we humans despair
Did we do all we could, do you know how we care
You’ve gone on before us, and you truly know
How deeply you’re loved, wherever you go

I’ve learned throughout life, to reflect on the good
We’ll forget any strife, and know we did all we could
We’ll remember our days that were happy and fun
We’ll remember the times that we played in the sun

You gave us great love, and we gave it too
Unconditional love, from us and from you
We feel you around us, you’re here and you’re there
You’re still in our hearts, you’re still everywhere

You chase after your toy or you fly through the air
You hop through the door or you trot without care
Feathers or fur, cold and wet nose
Getting a bath or warming our toes

We’ll remember the good times more and more every day
We’ll honor your life in that special way
We’ll see you again where your spirit is free
You’re thriving, you’re soaring, and happy to be

Ever our cuddles and snuggles and heart
Ever our baby, right from the start
Ever my pet, my companion, my friend
Ever our family, love never ends
Susie K Parkhurst

In dedication to all of the beloved angel pets that have gone on before us, yours and mine.

2023 Award

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