Annual Pet Exam

If you are a pet owner, you undoubtedly want to provide your cat or dog with the best of care so they live a long and healthy life. One important action to accomplish these desires is to make annual pet exam appointments with Home Pet Care Veterinary Housecalls in Topeka. Here are some reasons why veterinary care each year is so important for pets.

The Administration of Necessary Vaccinations

Our veterinarian will provide your dog or cat with needed vaccinations at the time of their pet exam. These are important to protect your pet against harmful medical conditions and diseases. After your pet is examined, our vet will discuss the recommended timeline and frequency for immunizations and administer them to your pet if they are not dealing with health issues at the time.

Preventative Care Tactics Are Conducted

In addition to immunizations, pets can benefit from other preventative measures. This includes parasite prevention, which is usually provided in the form of oral or topical medication to give your pet non-stop protection against potentially harmful conditions. Microchipping will allow for your pet to be reunited with you if they happen to become lost and brought to a facility with a chip reader. Spaying and neutering will stop the possibility of reproduction and will also help to protect your pet against some forms of cancer. Each of these preventative actions will be discussed with you at your pet’s examination.

Your Pet’s Overall Wellness Is Assessed

When your dog or cat is examined by our veterinary team, a history of their weight, temperature, and any possible problems will be documented. This is important so any severe changes will indicate that a medical condition may be present that needs to be remedied. Our vet will do an overall body check of your pet, clean their teeth, and clip their nails or claws. If there is an issue to explore further, tests may be recommended.

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